Nov 18, 2013

#Truthfulweek13 take 2

The truth is, I am writing this one handed because my babe is teething, and can't sleep unless he is in momma's arms. . . workin' these biceps!

The truth is, being a mom has made me learn to be selfless, and although at times it's hard because it's almost human nature to be selfish, and to want to come first, my son is more important to me than myself.

The truth is, I think God made babies so cute so we'd want to spoil them all the time.

The truth is, the scale in my bathroom is my enemy.

The truth is, my face is still full of that pregnancy fat. Ew.

The truth is whenever I have news for people, since having DC, they think I'm pregnant. #imNOTexpecting

The truth is, I look like crap, my house is a wreck, but my teething babe is finally asleep, and my house is silent.

The truth is, I'm starving, but I can't get up to eat or he'll wake up. Trust me, I've tried.

The truth is, these silent snuggle moments are beyond.



  1. Oh my gosh!! Little Dawson just melts my heart! I love following you and your beautiful, real and honest life! xx

  2. @ Rhinanna Cunningham

    Thank you so much! You are the very sweetest! I am glad someone can enjoy my rants and randoms of my brain. Lord knows, the poor Mister can understand half of my craziness!



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