Nov 19, 2013

Ode to the Night Light

In a room where only the night light glows, something magical happens. The babe is asleep, the Mister is a snoozin', and this momma is off in her mind, running though all the thoughts of her day. In a room where only the night light glows, no pictures can be taken, for of course it is too dark, all the same, it is probably for the best, because in a room full of the night's darkness, where the silence is heard and savored, moments occur that shouldn't be shared, thoughts are thunk that are too personal to capture, and growth is done far beyond anyone else's understanding.

In a room where only the night light can light, my baby clasps sweetly to my arm, nursing while he sleeps, memories are made that I will never forget, and sweet whispers are spilled into his dreaming ear. What I wouldn't give to take a peek inside his perfect mind, while he giggles under the dim glow, and the Mister drifts off and away. I don't know how he falls asleep so fast that man, a mystery to me for sure. If only he could see the way I look at him while he sleeps. In total awe of all he does, in love with how much our boy adores his papa. He is my husband and my friend, but when the night light glows, he is better then anyone I will ever know.

Oh night light the hope you bring, as I turn you on, I get excited for what will come. The dreamy boys giggles, the snuggles and cuddles, I waited my whole life for this moment. Oh, how I never knew it could be this sweet.


  1. This gave me goosebumps, so beautiful! I know that feeling, laying in bed with a sweet baby by the glow of a nightlight

  2. @ Anne Hill

    Thank you! I am glad someone can relate to this mush of a post! It really is such an amazing thing. Co-sleeping defiantly is for this momma and son! Glad it is for you too! Sending you big hugs!



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