Nov 19, 2013

#truthfulweek13 take 3 with a side of #wtftueday

The truth is, my mind has been running a million miles an minute, and I forgot to pay our power bill! Doing that as we speak.

The truth is, while being totally frazzled one fine Saturday, I accidentally threw my debit card into the garbage, or lost it, and didn't realize it, until I went to pay our late power bill...

The truth is, I don't want to go to work (even though I love my job) because I don't want to leave my babe. 

The truth is, between the first three truths alone, today is already a #wtftuesday. 

The truth is, Dawson hates bottles, ensuring I constantly have to nurse him in public, and I'm sure I've had a nip slip or two. Totally not intentional! Sorry random strangers for that horrid sight!

The truth is, I listen to my baby sleep because I want to know he's breathing, and also because I can catch a giggle or two. 

The truth is, I never style my hair anymore. Going ah-naturalll over here. Letting my Spanish curls go wild. Mainly because my workout schedule demands I shower quite often, or I smell nasty. No more three day top knot for me! (Sad day) although, I know the Mister loves that my hair isn't greasy or stinky anymore. 

The truth is, I wish I could meet all you fantastically supportive women!

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