Nov 15, 2013


The truth is, I blog when my son sleeps, and try to clear my head in that 30 minute space of time.

The truth is, my "office" is now the floor of the living room, with a Starbucks holiday cup of hot cocoa, my Nikon, my iPhone 5s, and my busted iMac from back in high school because my son sleeps best when he is close enough to smell me.

The truth is, my son wakes up cranky as eff.

The truth is, he gets his "wake up cranks" from me.

The truth is, I feel fat the second I sit down thanks to my post pregnancy tum, but feel somewhat skinny when I standup and suck it in.

The truth is, that it is cold as hay, and raining today, with some new instructor teaching my ballet class, so I am not exactly feeling quite so motivated, but when I look down as I blog and see my postpartum flab of a tum, I find all the motivation I need to get her did. 

The truth is, I am a wanna be blogger, wishin' I was skinny, cheap as can be, and so happy to have my little boy sleeping next to me.

The truth is, I cosleep, will nurse him til he is two, and have no intention of ever letting him cry it out.

This is the truth.



  1. I stumbled upon your blog on IG....and I just wanted to say I love it! I love your honesty today on truthful Friday. It's terribly refreshing. I am a Mom to two littles (boys- 4&9) and everyday isn't matter how hard I try. Thank you for keeping it real today.
    Starr McCarthy

  2. Loved this!! And um, total air high five on the cosleep nursing truth.. I do the same thing.. She'll be 2 in April I've NEVER let her cry it out, it's awful and I never want my children feeling neglected.

  3. love love LOVE this. i completely relate to you on the feeling fat thing. i actually felt good about myself once i stepped on the scale today and then put on some jeans, still felt okay, and then immediately felt disgusted with myself once i sat down on the couch. oh post-pregnancy woes!

    thanks for sharing your truths. c;

  4. @ Starr Mccarthy

    Sometimes, it is the hardest to be honest with myself. Once, I broke down that barrier, it all just kinda came spilling out. I wanted to share the truths, the highs and lows, and make sure I could help other woman understand that there might be struggles, but they are not alone!

    Thank you for the love and support, sugarplum!


  5. @ Dannyn Jensen

    Isn't nursing the best? It really does create an indescribable bond! Thank you, for your love!


  6. @ lacey horst-thomas

    Sweet plum, I can totally understand that "why do I ever have to sit down" moment! It sucks hard! The very worst part for me, is that in front of our sofa, is a largeee mirror. Yeah . . .talk about facing reality hahah.

    We got this!



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