Nov 13, 2013

The love I have for these two

There isn't anything in this whole world that I can honestly say that I love more then my two boys. I love my son and all his love for me. I love my husband and all his love for us. I love the way these two love each other, how perfectly they interact. Exchanging smiles and giggles, my two boys just being boys. It really is ever so heavenly. I watch them sleep, and cannot help but feel so abundantly blessed to have them both, and to also know of the great love my Savior has for me. Enough to give me such a sweet son, and a husband who I can be with forever. Families can be together forever, and I am so over the moon to have these two as mine.

It is November, a month of gratitude, and I have never felt so blessed. Crazy to think that just last Thanksgiving we had just learned we were pregnant, and spilled the beans to everyone over the turkey filled weekend.

Here is the post I wrote the day we found out we were expecting, and here is the post where we announced it to the blog world! Read here for what my pregnancy symptoms were like.

**I am grateful that I am a blogger, and have these wonderful moments saved forever!**

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