Oct 16, 2013

Once Fall creeps in it is leggings on !

* Just an ordinary day in my good ol' faithful leggins'*

So, I am obviously still working on my post baby bod, and sure it is hard (feeling like I will never get back into the shape I once was), but really who cares what I look like, when I have the most gorgeous baby I have ever laid eyes on (even though let's be real I still totally care). Stretch marks scattered 'bout my body, hips as wide as I've ever seen, I laugh at myself in the mirror, calling out to my husband "babe, he sucked the pretty out of me, and he is so cuteee!"  

Now that it is finally that wonderful time of year, something wonderful has happened. Yet another cosmic shift. I can wear boots, leggings, and sweaters all day, 'ery day! Hooray! Hiding your post baby bod has never been easier then black leggings and baggy sweaters, not to mention the easy access thanks to chambrays! Oh button ups, how breastfeeding moms around the world adore you! I for sure am one of them. 

So I shimmied my way into my leggings, pulled on my boots, buttoned up my denim top, and popped that sweet babe into his stroller. His Russian hat in tow, it was sure one heck of a morning. Those eyes! Oh, his eyes! 

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