Oct 9, 2013

My role model is now a two monther.

The sheer innocence that exists within a small babe makes life so much sweeter. They are literally the most perfect example of what all adults should be like. Funny how we grow up and seem to get further away (sometimes) from what we should really be turning into.

There is a simplicity in babies that is beyond measure. Life is simple. They smile at the good, cry through the bad, and forgive the rest. They are so forgiving (perhaps because they forget so quickly) oh how lovely it would be to have those skills. How much happier the world would be if we could forget almost instantly of the bad that happens to us, or is done unto us, and forgive in the that same captaincy. 

My son seems to see the beauty in everything, notices things for the wonder they are, forgives me for taking him to the doctors to get his vaccines, forgets the pain of shots, and smiles at anyone who smiles at him. Such a sweet little example our small babe has set for us. He is my role model.

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