Oct 2, 2013

Boho & Camo Girl

Boho & Camo Girl

With a closet full of clothes, lately I stare at it and think "a whole closet of stuff and I've got nothing to wear." I am having a hard time trying to dress this new momma body of mine. My lady lumps have never quite been this large, and sometimes all I want to do is hide them. I never had lady lumps really, EVER, so I haven't had to grasped the whole "if you've got it flaunt it." 

Back in my skinnier day, I loved the boho look. Like you didn't try, but you TOTALLY did. My tops were billowy and flowy, long enough to cover my bum in my leggings, the scarves thick and chunky, but now that I am a lot fuller up on top I feel like the flowy tops and chunky scarfs make me look square, and my tum is not exactly ab-tastic yet, so the tighter tops make me even more self conscious. Let's not even get me started on my h-i-p-s. So what do I do? What can I wear? Ugh!

I guess what I am learning is not just about my son, or about how to dress my new body, but also whoever it is I am becoming as his mother and as my newer (better version) of myself. Shopping for clothes has shown me I really have changed, in so many more ways then I could have even thunk before. Break ups, graduations, marriage, kids, they all do a number on us, something men will never understand, and heck I don't even think us women do either. I sure as hay didn't know I would change this much, and I don't think I will understand all the changes going on within myself.

Wish me luck as I fight to get my pre-pregnancy body back, try to learn how to dress the new lumps, window shopping for my imaginary wardrobe, and try as best I can to listen to my mind, body, and soul, going where ever that leads . . . oh life how you love to play hide and seek with me, just like my old skinny jeans . . .


  1. I totally could have written these words myself. My little guy is 10 months old and Im still not comfortable in my new postpartum body. I was actually in the process of drafting up a post about it when I took a break and happened to stumble upon your blog. Glad Im not the only mama out there trying to figure this "new me" thing out.

  2. @ Simple Savvy,

    It is the hardest thing trying to figure out our new bodies. I feel like I haven't even knicked the surface! Let me know if you have any tips because this momma is in desperate need!



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