Oct 30, 2013

Birthday Time, Hooray !

** It was my very first birthday with my first babe. I mean, really need I say more? **

With a trip to the nail salon, a drop by at the In-N-Out, and a stroll through the mall, my son and I had a little celebration, just the two of us, while we waited for Mister to come home from work. 

How spending the day with my DC quite honestly made me feel truly spoiled! As I walked the mall (babywearing and all) I realized that I am more then just literally attached to my son, but I could not, would not, ever want to live a day without him. My birthday this year was way better than any other year in my life, not because what I did, or what I got, but because of him. Putting him down for his nap, cuddling him close, I felt like every year of my life when I had blown out my birthday candles, I was wishing for him. Even though, I am pretty sure that on my 4th birthday I wished for a periwinkle colored pony.

I love my little dapper son, my dreamboat of a husband, and might I add, my newest of new iPhones! Thank you Pops! These iPhones are total blogger / nursing mother bliss. Lifesaving little suckers!

|| Happiest of birthdays to me, from my knockout of a husband and breathtaking son! ||

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