Oct 28, 2013

His First Cold & my natural healing Ways Part I

** Perhaps we should change WTF Tuesday to WTF Monday just for today? **

The way things have been going 'round here, feels like a WTF Tuesday. Last night was just like any ordinary night. My son peed on his Papa pre-bath, gave us some smiles, nursed, and was off to bed. Around 12, in just the wee hours of the morn, something that has never happened before came a knockin'. My son coughed his very first sore throat / common cold cough (momma note exact date : 10/28/13) With my mother's instinct on high, I heard his tiny little cough, as if he had coughed it right into a microphone, connected to a loud speaker, connected to my ear! I shot up, instantly grabbing him, patting him on his back. Hearing his congestion, something I have never heard before, combined with his cough, my heart stopped. 

My son was sick, and my heart broke. I knew exactly where he caught it from, sadly it was probably from me, and I will never forget the immediate guilt that burst in my soul, like a SWAP team breaking down a door on CSI. 

By some miracle, after momma and baby had been sleeping, this momma just woke right up (not at all my usual sleepy cranky self, from when my sleep is interrupted), and I knew exactly what to do. I grabbed that little nose sucker thing and tried to get all that mucus out. However gently you can be with one of those things. Then, I nursed him, to help soothe that achy throat of his, changing his diap, and then I became my mom (in one of those "I am becoming my mom" moments). I grabbed the Vicks, a pair of his tiny socks, and his two little feet. Rubbing loads (I mean a literal glab) of Vicks (vapor rub) onto each foot, I covered them with his socks. 

Now, I don't know if any of you have experienced this, but even into my teens, somehow my mother would always here my cough late or in the early hours of the morning, she would stumble out of bed, into her little medicine closet, and then into my room. Almost as if I too were coughing into a microphone, connected to a loud speaker, connected to her ear. She would come over to my bed, grab my (not so tiny anymore) feet, glab on the Vicks, and cover them with socks. Within just minutes my nose would clear up, and my cough would subside. Perhaps, it was a phycological thing because she had been curing my colds that way since I was DC's age, or maybe it really does work, either way I planned to cure my own son as naturally as possible, in ways I had learned from her. 

Like magic, I literally watched the mucus drip right out of his nose (it works sweetpeas!). Figuring it had loosened whatever was congesting him, I grabbed that nose sucker, and out came loads of mucus, I thought I had already gotten out the first time. Oh, Vicks, you rockstar, you!

So basically today this whole nurse, change, apply Vicks rub, sleep, has been going on all day. It has been a day of cuddles, and smiles, because how lucky am I, that even when he is congested and coughing, he is no cries, and all smiles? Truly blessed to have such a dreamboat of a son, and a momma who taught me more ways then just medicine dosing to heal my son right up. I never once as a child was taken to the doctors for a cold or flu, mainly because she is the typical Spanish healer kinda lady, and also because she too was a firm believer in natural cure all's, a little salt water rinse of the throat always works!  Kudos to Aubelita son, Kudos!

** I do support modern medicine, but I always try to do things as naturally as possible first. To each their own. **

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