Oct 31, 2013

As complete as a circle

I made the cutest of all videos, to help the Mister and I remember the dreamy stage of our babe at three months! Video can only be seen on computers & not on mobile devices. Sorry sweetpeas.

So, my birthday has come and gone, and I want to write about a very special moment I experienced. Around my birthday last year, the Mister turned to me and asked "what do you want for your birthday?" As quickly as I could respond, a smile rose to my face, "a baby." We were both on the same page, as we were already trying to make a very special miracle happen, and as we drove down a autumn tree shaded road, hand in hand, we talked about how magical life would be with a baby in it.

Oh, how truly magical it is. I didn't know it then, but we would have a baby just around the bend, like a dream that came true. I feel like with the dream I too have flourished. I have blossomed into everything I hoped to one day be, more then a momma, but one to the most wonderful of sons.

My whole life I've wanted to be a mother, and that season of my life has finally arrived. I have my very own little family. The two best boys in the whole land, and they're mine, all mineee.

Looking for birthday gifts this year, no matter how hard I looked, where I looked, what I tried to think up that I might want, honestly, I couldn't think of one thing! Sorry to everyone who asked and got no answer! I couldn't pinpoint why I didn't have at least one thing on my mind that I wanted, until I realized I feel so abundantly blessed, that I wanted literally nothing. I have never in my entire life felt so complete.

I am as complete as a circle, as content as can be, and more blessed then I could have ever dreamt. The feeling of completeness is indescribable, but can be seen in so many moments in my life now. When my son sleeps on m chest. When my husband and I lay snug in bed, and confess our "I love yous" to each other. When my husband makes my son smile. When my son makes his momma smile. Oh sweet Lord, how good my life really is.



  1. this is absolutely gorgeous! the video, your words, that lovely family of yours... all of it! you know how people always talk about "pregnancy hormones"? well i like think of them as "mom hormones" because let me tell you, i am just one big sappy mess since my little was born. And this little video of yours? it made my eyes nice and glassy, for sure. i have so many videos of my girl, i really should group them together by month like this, i love that idea!

  2. @ Tisse ,

    Thank you ! Your family is the sweetest too! I love you guys! Make a video because I am certain it will make me ball like a baby from all the cuteness of your little princess!


  3. So terribly cute! What video editing program do you use? We don't have little ones yet, but this is such a precious idea.


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