Sep 17, 2013

WTF Tuesday

Yesterday was a tough one . . . (hold on babe needs a diaper change) as I was saying.. it was rough. He skipped his afternoon nap, don't ask me how I allowed such a travesty. I literally peed with him in his wrap, don't judge me, he would scream every time I tried to put him down, & I just won't allow him to cry when I know something is wrong. For those of you wondering, yes, I washed my hands!

Why am I writing about such a mundane thing, some of you way be wondering? The reason being that as a mother we have great instincts as to what our child needs, but in the times & days we don't, & our babe is crying something happens. Suddenly the mother's intuition seems to be failing us, & we are faced with a choice. Some options arising to lose our patience, "let the babe cry it out, eventually they'll fall asleep," some might think. " They're spoiled, & need to learn to be alone others interject. Maybe it's colic (although I swear no one seems to know what that is). The option of trying as hard as one can to muster any kind of patience after hours of trying to figure out what is wrong, & continuing to do so seems almost impossible. 

On days where my babe is a crying, & momma is a working to try & soothe him, I practice attachment parenting at its finest. I don't give up. I don't let him cry because I know something is wrong. Although, I can't figure out quite what it is. My son isn't spoiled, he doesn't cry because he's spoiled. Crying is his only means of communication, & he wouldn't cry wolf. I know his cries, & he does have a fake whine, but there certainly is not a fake cry. So I hold him close, & walk, bounce, rock, talk to him, anything I can think of, even try to suckle him calm. Those moments are hard, but I am his mother, & if I can't try my hardest to love him when it seems nothing can help him, who will?

I love you my little clingy babe, & together we will get through anything. Love, Your Momma.

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