Sep 22, 2013

wk 9/22

Hello boys & gals! Sorry for the delayed posts! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Around here there have been a few miracles, & huge moments of sheer happiness.

Let's start by talking about the handsome little babe I call my son! He is growing & changing everyday. The noises he makes are varying now, he smiles at his momma all the time, & he is really getting so big. Everyday I can see he is growing out of his newborn baby stage, & falling into simply the baby stage. He isn't my newborn anymore, & I mourned it hard! Where is the time going? Along with his growth though comes some magical moments. I cannot explain how amazing it feels when he looks at me, & I can see the recognition in his eyes. He knows me as his momma, & I know he also knows all the love I have for him. I don't know how someone so tiny & young could be that in tune, but he is! He also does the most adorable thing with his bottom lip when he is sad or pouty. The cutest! He even takes a bottle after loads of tries, one deep momma prayer, & the help of a car seat.

The other day something awesome happened, we went to Target, & he slept the whole time we were there. That never happens. Usually as soon as I start looking for the best apples they've got, he starts to whine, but nope not this time. Splendipherous moment that trip to Target was. The second my last item was scanned, & the clerk handed me the receipt, like a timer set to perfecttt, he woke up. I loaded the car, & pulled off into a distant, secluded part of the parking lot. Parking, I got comfy, rolled all the windows down, & left my door open. I began to feed him, there in the sunlight of fall, the perfectly cool air swirling, as the sun warmed my skin, my suckling babe warmed my soul. The perfect fall day spent with my dream of a son, was even more fulfilling when he looked up at me and smiled with those bright blue eyes glistening. Fall has never felt so delicious.

This weekend was spent doing some fall shopping with my girlfriend & son, eating out at our favorite restaurant, & a double date with an expecting momma & her hubby. Remising about being pregnant is not the sweetest of memories, but talking about the joys of having a child is as sweet as Ben & Jerry's chunk-a-munk. Heavenly. Its time this momma turns on some New Girl episodes & cuddles with both my husband & son. Happy weekending!

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