Sep 24, 2013

The Mad Rabbit Shoppe

Scarf : c/o The Mad Rabbit

So here, the first fall item I am in love with! I would consider myself a bit of a scarf collector, aand this one by far is my absolute favorite, and I will be wearing it all fall long. A true must have! It is from an Etsy shop called The Mad Rabbit. Every scarf is a custom American handmade piece! This is exactly what I have been looking for, and in all reality I will be craving a few other colors, and will be splurging in this shop.  It has the chunkiness I love, all wrapped together in an neutral colored infinity knit style. There is no wrong way to wear it, up close and tight, flowy and loose, you name it it looks amazing! It can make any outfit look finished. 

Working with the owner has been a dream. She puts so much care into her shop and product, it is like her baby. When my scarf arrived it was wrapped with a little note, in the cutest of all packaging. Her message was so heart felt, I was shocked at her attention to detail.


  1. That scarf is AMAZING. oh geez. I'm a sucker for good autumn clothes. You've found my weekness. (and the packaging is just adorable.)

    also. you look INCREDIBLE. If you didn't have the sweetest, most beautiful baby to show for it, I'd argue that there's no WAY you just had a baby! bravo!

  2. Shayla,

    You are so sweet ! Thank you! That made my day.

    I'm glad you like this scarf because I love it. I'm a scarf addict so this was a dream Haha.



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