Sep 11, 2013

" Let's Hit the Gym People. "

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In every movie I love, there is a gym scene, were the girls are working out & chatting it up. I am really thinking about "What Happens in Vegas," with Cameron Diaz, & let's face it peeps, she is balls to the walls tone as crap! What I wouldn't give to look like her! Not that I want to be tone like a fitness competitor, but who doesn't want to look tone & fit? 

Recently, dealing with some "tonage" issues, I have been thinking about my physical appearance, & really how drastically it changed. I understand it took me ten months to get that way, & will take time to get back to the point I am comfortable with again, but dang. It feels like time is a snail when it comes to my body recovering! 

I don't really believe in dieting because life is about making healthy choices, not cutting things out for a short period of time and then relapsing. I have theory, & it might not really work for me anymore (post pregnancy at least), but I believe in eating & paying attention with the added combo of working out. What do I mean by eating & paying attention? Well, ultimately eating things like chocolate or bread, but not overdoing it. Perhaps having just one meal you splurge a week. Really watching what bad things you are putting into your body, & perhaps putting that "bad thing" down, and reaching for a healthy alternative instead. I like to believe we can eat what we want, in moderation, & workout. Keeping a person both sane & healthy at the same time. Have you seen the movie, "The Women," especially the scene were the model girlfriend is super ornery, & the other lady asks "what's wrong with her?" The model's girlfriend responding, "oh nothing she's just hungry." Well, I don't want to be ornery with my husband or baby, so let's stick to paying attention to what I eat, & working out.  

Hot momma body, I am working for ya gosh darnit! What are we playing hide & seek for?!

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