Sep 3, 2013

WTF Tuesday

Without fail, WTF Tuesday has found me. At about midnight, I told the Mister to sleep on the couch. No, he wasn't in trouble. The baby was screaming, and my Little Bean was going to keep Papa up, on his night before school started, so I did the Mister a solid. I took the night shift all on my own, or so I thought!

At about three in the morning, the baby's feed, something wasn't right. My head was spinning. My stomach was all over the place. I was so lightheaded I couldn't focus. I stumbled into the living room. Reaching over, I wrapped my arms around the Mister & said "I'm feeling pretty sick, can you come help me." Within seconds my man was on his feet, running to the room, where Baby lay crying for his burp pat down, & his nappy change. At that same moment I was running to the.. barf. 

There it was folks, my WTF Tuesday came right on time. Three in the morning & I was barfing like back in the good old days of pregnancy. No worries people, I am not pregnant again, that would be either impossible, or the second immaculate conception. I, merely, was experiencing some kind of food poisoning. The puking continued for a few hours, & soon enough I was knocked out. 

It was when I was all hunched over the toilet that I realized, "I don't know how single parents do it." Without the Mister, either my babe would have been screaming for hours, in his own pooh, or I would have barfed repeatedly onto my bed mid change.  

I am pretty lucky, one to have such a dreamboat of a man, willing to help me whenever with whatever I need, & two that my Babe sleeps for four hour shifts. Thank you sweet Lanta! What a morning. 

WTF Tuesday, cheers.

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