Aug 30, 2013

A WTF Tuesday on a Friday

So one Tuesday, about a month ago { after the babe was born }, my mom & a friend of mine decided to get some take out at one of my favorite spots. Walking in, the girl that usually waits on me, was ready to help us. 

Placing our order, the lady gives me the once over. She smiles, & asks "So, any day now huh? You're getting bigger & bigger every time I see you!" The feeling I felt at that moment, I imagine could be relatable to what most guys feel when they are kicked directly in the junk, or sucker punched. I surprised even my own self, when I remained calm, & nicely responded, "Uhm.. actually I just had my baby two days ago." Then, something even more terrifying happened, this chick made it even more awkward (as if that was easily possible). She stared at me & asked "Oh. So what happens to all that stuff that's still in there," pointing to what now felt like two day old "leftovers" in tum, I stood there completely shocked, & dismay was written all over my face. Was she serious? This was way worse than any nightmare that I had imagined, & I debated writing about it, because it still embarrasses me.

Unfortunately, healing (postpartum) takes time. Something all mothers have told me, & something this momma refused to believe. However, as much as I'd like to refute it, it is a fact. It does take time, & really your body has to heal. Pregnancy is a big deal, like a major surgery, & I am realizing that the baby doesn't just come out, & I am a zero again. I guess, that is what the lady at the restaurant thought too, except I would like to think I am a little more realistic than she was, & perhaps a whole handful or two smarter.

In conclusion, there will be no more Smashburger for me. 

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  1. You're very welcome doll!! Wishing the very best for your family <3



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