Aug 19, 2013

To the 20 Somethings

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At twenty, a lot of women start to feel the urge to get their crap together, or in other words really look into what their priorities are, & get 'em done. After all, you aren't a teenager anymore, and your thirties are really all last ditch effort to get done what you didn't in your twenties. Some women focus on their careers, others on making or starting a family. The best part about being in your twenties, is that there really isn't a right or wrong way to fill them, as long as you are doing something worth while; something that will actually get you somewhere.

Being the Jersey girl I am, hitting twenty really forced me to look inward. My teen years were gone, I was still in college, and in a sorority. Parties, studying, and repeat was a lifestyle, one perhaps many can relate to, but those things stopped being cute real fast. I wanted more. Sorority life brought me fun nights out, leadership skills, lots of "sisters", big opportunities, etc., & school brought me education, internships, & a forum to really expand my mind. That is all good and well, fun and games, but what was the next step? Twenty sure showed me. I fell in love with a man worth falling for. It went without a hitch, and soon we were planning a wedding.

I can easily say that filling my twentieth year of life with a husband, was worth the while. Something that got me somewhere for sure, & my life shorta clicked. Everything else fell into place. I know that sounds cliche, but when you have a husband, or at least one like mine, you have a best friend who is constantly cheering you on. He asks you what you want. He pushes you to succeed in those things, & he never lets you feel like you're anything less than a rockstar. With that rockstar attitude & your very own cheerleader (aka husband), nothing seems impossible. Obviously, things can be hard, occasionally you might feel defeated, but going out & getting what you want is easier.

I think your twenties are the best years, you still have so many choices and opportunities coming, things that will light up the rest of your life, but you also have to make some very important and valuable ones too. Focusing can be hard, but nothing worth having ever comes easy. 

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