Aug 18, 2013

One Year Anniversary

Today is our one year anniversary! Hip Hip Hooray! August 18, 2012- happy day it was! So blessed to have the Mister & DC. 

I had a routine, one year ago, & it went as follows, Monday - Friday..

6:00 AM // Hit the gym.
6:45 AM // Shower.
7:00 AM // Walk the dog.
7:15 AM // Leave for work.
7:30 AM // Stop at Starbucks. Get the usual.
7:45 AM //  Clock into work.
12:00 PM // Lunch time.
5:00 PM // Clock out of work.
5:45 PM // Pull up to the Mister's house, or he'd come to mine.
6:15 PM // Go to his game, or whatever event we had for that day.
8:00 PM // Get take out.
9:00 PM // Stuff in some wedding plans.
11:00 PM // Sleep.

Then, something magical happened, we got married. That day family & friends all came together to celebrate the joyous day that was our wedding. After our vows, & the dreaded pictures, the Mister & I were driving to our reception, but this hungry bunny wanted to stop to get a cola.

So he drove us to the 7/11, just past where our reception was being held, & there I sat puffy white wedding dress, all stuffed into the front seat of our car, big ol' smile on my face, daydreaming about our honeymoon in St. Thomas, & I remember watching him walk out of that 7/11. He had this big ol' smile on his face (his stunning smile that takes my breath away, the one where his big blue eyes light up, kinda like our son's eyes), & he was carrying the drink I was craving, & I thought to myself "I am so blessed! He spoils me." Things haven't changed. The whole 10 months of pregnancy, everything I wanted & needed, he made sure to do, & even did so with that gorgeous smile of his.

You see, that simple moment of him coming out of that 7/11 on our wedding day, is the very reason we are as happy as we are, among others. He hasn't stopped trying to make me happy, and he is always taking care of me, & our son. He is an amazingly giving husband & father. He loves me in a way that makes me feel like my life has no holes, no missing pieces. He just loves me so completely. Our love, as husband & wife, came together to make our baby, & now our baby is an extension & a symbol of such a love. I am so grateful for my husband, and the man that he is.

Happy anniversary my sweet dreamboat. I love you now, tomorrow, and everyday until my green eyes open no more.

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