Aug 13, 2013

My babe, makes his debut.

I am a mom. As I have finally returned to blogging, my sleeping babe lays next to me, smiling occasionally through his dreams. Little does he know, he is the reason I smile, & the answer to my prayers. He is my very own dream come true.

I took two weeks off from blogging, for obvious reasons, but I knew the longer I waited to return, the less I would remember to write about, & then all these wonderful emotions & thoughts from the sweetest moments of my life, would be lost in a forgetful mind.

Ladies & gentlemen, DC is just perfect. Already, in just these two short weeks, he has grown. Everyday, I stare at him in awe. It is all happening at a rapid rate. I can see him evolving & changing, literally before me. His face housing more defined features, his legs longer, his tum more round & plump, his personality more distinct. Come night, my eyes water a little, as I mourn the passing of another day. I want time to be slow, and I want to memorize everything about him because I know it will fly. Never in my entire life, have I mourned the ending of a day. On the contrary, each new day seemed more exciting & fresh to me, then the one I was living in. Oh, how being a mother changes everything.

If I could give one word of advice to a new momma, it would be don't feel like you have to share your newborn with anyone, but your husband. Loads of people will come to see the newborn, but that doesn't mean you have to hand them over. Lord knows, I sure didn't, unless I absolutely had to. Every moment with your babe is literally priceless, & because they do grow the most the first year of their life, you don't want to miss a single millisecond of it.

I stare at him for hours on end. Although my life has a lot more "interruptions," if you would, where I can't really accomplish a task without stopping in the middle of it to soothe, feed, or cuddle my Little Bean, those interruptions are the most fulfilling moments of my day, & I won't have them with him forever. 

The moment they handed him to me, I looked down at him, & thought "I cannot believe he is mine." He looked just like my baby pictures. He was the most amazingly stunning little man I ever laid my eyes on, & now, as he grows, I can see more of his father in him. I can't explain what that is like, half of you mixed with half of the person you love more then life, combined all into someone you consider your world. I can't stop saying "I am obsessed!"

Breastfeeding has been such a bonding experience for DC & I. It makes me feel like his momma. I am the one person he needs more then anyone else. That makes me cry every time. Excuse me, I am still rather hormonal. It also ensured that him & I would have our hour everyday where no one can interrupt us. I want to breastfeed as long as we can, until he shows me that he is ready to move on, & or until my body can't. It is recommended to breastfeed for up to the first year of your child's life, but maybe we will sneak on into two? Who knows? All I know is nothing beats watching his eyes go heavy, as he falls into a deep sleep all the while cuddled close to me. Nothing tops the way he is soothed the second he latches, or how it literally seems to be the answer to any fuss he is having. He needs me, & as his mother, there is nothing more important than being able to give him everything he needs.

Of course, before he was born, the Mister & I had a plan. A list of things we were & weren't going to do. Ha! That list is out the window. You see, we had forgotten that each baby has their own rhythm, & each has their own set of rules & instructions. All those books I had read, with their well thought out, some scientifically proven, methods, like the stretch mark creams before them, totally worthless for me now. He shows us what each cry means, what he needs, & we show him what we can do, won't do, & will always do, in return. For now, let's just say he is a spoiled Little Bean, & Momma wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. He is BEAUTIFUL! I bet (I know!) all that stress that pregnancy put you through was absolutely worth it :) Congratulations! <3


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