Aug 24, 2013

Retired lipstick

Once upon a time, there was a lady who wore hot pink lipstick, had blonde hair, & lived life as if there was no tomorrow. That lady was me, but now I kiss my baby son with my lips, & that lipstick, well that just doesn't do. I'd much rather kiss him, than worry about reapplying some silly lipstick . . . although that Nars color is to die for! That blonde hair, well that was fun, but it would take too much time to keep up, & I'd much rather spend that time be used snuggling in bed with my Little Bean & husband. The good news is that this momma still lives life as if there was no tomorrow. I just have different priorities. 

We had a little date the three of us, & man was that dinner amazingly scrumptious! So yum! While we were out I looked at our little fam, & thought to myself "this is the greatest." While my son stared at me with his bright blue eyes, & his dad stared back at him with his, I almost cried. It was a moment where the butterflies were flapping in my tum, and my head was spinning. How ever did I get so blessed? 

People, I am finally living my dream, it might have its moments of sheer craziness, but it's a dream none the less, & it's one I never knew I always wanted, & most certainly deserve. We all deserve a little heaven on this chaotic earth, & these two boys are mine.

What a life! Thank you sweet Lord. Thank you.

Here is a song that the Babe & I have been listening to on repeat when Mama gets ready.
I make a point to everyday, do my hair, my makeup, & get dressed. 
It helps . . . in more ways then I could ever have imagined.
Try it out if you haven't new mamas.

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