Jul 1, 2013


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This weekend the Mister and I started really thinking about Baby coming out and home with us. It was such a beautiful and sweet moment for the two of us. It brought us so close to each other that we started spilling our gratitudes one for the other. The wonderful things Baby has done, and they are not even here yet! I don't think I can explain how strong our relationship has grown over these #36weeks, but I can say that it has been a combination of life and marriage lessons.

Being as sick as I have been, and as dependent as I was forced to be, has really humbled me. It has also shown me the one hundred perfect dedication my dreamboat of a husband has for me, for Baby, and for our relationship. He literally has gone out of his way, taken time from whatever he is doing, whenever I needed him, to do anything I asked. I don't know any other man like him, as sweet, as loving, as humble, as selfless, ugh as dreamy as him! I love him more than I will ever be able to say, and would do the same for him in a heartbeat. 

If I was the #bachelorette and he was one of the #bachelors on my season, well folks it would be a no brainer, everybody would know I was going to pick him since date one (side note the Mister and I love to watch the show together, and we love guessing who will go and who will stay). 

The Mister here . . . 

This is starting to get real! And I'm callin' it.....I love you so much Little Mamas and you are the most unselfish woman in el mundo to do what you're doing, and we are so lucky and blessed to have this little chunk of heaven on the way. We are about to enter a very exciting, amazing, and busy time. Each passing day makes me want to get this party started, and I know you definitely do too (stomach can't take much more)! Through it all, this process has been very enjoyable, even if not health wise for ya', but incredibly rewarding. We are almost to the finish line, and the best is yet to come! All my loves to the most beautiful woman (y Bebe) en el universo!

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