Jun 27, 2013

Summer's Night Walk

Summer's Night Walk
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Yesterday, the Mister and I took a stroll around town. It was about six o'clock, and the sun had just about begun turning the sky into an orange grey haze. As we walked about, talking, laughing, daydreaming about Baby, it was one of those moments, where you realize that everything you had done up to that very second, was totally and completely worth it. In him, I have my best friend, the one person I can never get sick of, and in me he has found the same. 

The three years before our marriage I was able to grow and educate myself. I was able to live on my own, go to college, and really just age up in my own time, and in my own way. As cheesy as it is, I now see those three years as an escalator, each step taking me a little closer to the top, until finally I had reached the floor all those steps pushed me to reach. He is the destination, and what a beaute that is. 

I marvel to think of all the little and big things that brought me straight to him, and him straight to me. When we compare notes, it really is a miracle to have each other. Marriage is a humbling experience for us, when we have an argument or disagreement, it forces us to look inward and ask "am I being prideful" or "is this really worth being upset about?" We make each other better, and we are more like the other's check and balance. 

If there is a tough day he really is the only one that can fix it, and I fit the same spot for him. That doesn't sound like work to me, more like the biggest blessing. How blessed we are the Mister and I. I so often ask myself "how am I so blessed?" As flawed as I am, and a work in progress, how truly blessed I am.

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