Jun 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

With a quick trip to the farmer's market, the Mister and I took a ride down memory lane. We spent almost every weekend of last summer visiting the same farmers market. Walking Nugget down long trails where she could meet dogs twice her size, where I could stare in amazement at the beauty of the fresh flowers for sale, their aroma leaving me tantalized, where the Mister would pick up a pack of organic strawberries, and finish them all before we made it home.  The farmers market made sure that the sun would always hit us just right, giving us a summer's day glow, and the limeade never failed to cool us down. This trip seemed different. The first one we made this year, and we couldn't stop talking about sharing our favorite tradition with our little one. 

We also had a beautiful wedding to attend. Family is such a glorious gift of life, and even more so when they all come together to celebrate its never ending expansion. Mister looked like a dreamboat in his suit pants, white button up, and skinny tie. Such a stud!

It was also my husband's first Father's Day, and what a glorious papa he will be. I cannot wait to see him and our son or daughter together. What a sight it will be.

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