Feb 4, 2013

In a World Where it is All too Easy to Forget

A lot has been going on in our lives here in the Measom household. Big decisions { life changing } being made at least once a week I feel. On Saturday, I was feeling kinda good enough to go do a little something with my husband. A date was really desperately needed.

I finally did my hair after about 3 weeks of not doing anything but washing it. I mean no offense, but when you are visiting the ER more then once a week, you really stop caring what people think. I even did my makeup, after about 6 weeks of not doing it. So I looked kinda decent again, and the Mister kept looking over and smiling at me. You know that kind of look you get when you just started dating someone, and you can't believe you are really with them. Like they are a unicorn in your passenger seat, and you can't help but look over to make sure they are still there. The butterflies in your stomach look! That's the look he gave me all day! Like we were dating again! Perhaps because really he has been my nurse + doctor. That's not exactly the most romantic of positions, if you ask me.

There was something in that Saturday I do not think I will ever forget. It was his smile. He would look over at me, with my hair and makeup finally done, and my growing belly bump, and he would smile the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Let me tell you when you have more acne on your face then you ever did as a teenager, and a tum the size of six dozen donuts being stuffed in there, and your husband looks at you like you are the Miss Universe of his world, you know that is true, real, genuine love in its finest form. I did not know I could love him more, but man oh man I certainly could, and oh how within those moments I did.

In a world where it is so simple to be caught up in the bad, the "I'm sick," or "my face is gross with all these zits," or "I'm getting fat," even "school is just too much stress" or what have you, I think losing all connection to the outside world was worth it, because on Saturday the first of February, 2013, I got to fall in love with my husband all over again, but even harder this time then the first.   

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