Feb 23, 2013

I am Throwing a Pity Party if You'd Like to Join

I favor Friday's because for bits of the weekend I get some much needed one on one time with my husband. You see during the week, he leaves at 6:30 AM and gets home at 7:00 PM. I really loathe how long his days are, as I am sure he does too. I just stare at my watch or my phone wondering when he will finally be home. You want to know what sucks even worse than him getting home at seven? Ha. He does homework until 9:30 PM, and by then me and my pregnant self are in bed, alone, and sleeping.  I mean knocked out! So, from Monday to Friday we have literally no time to be cute and cuddly. How depressing.

Thank you, grown up life, for making this wonderful magical time of being married and pregnant a lot more hormonal than it really needs to be. I hate sharing the love of my life, and would just like him all to myself all day long. Why does that seem like too much to ask? But, since it is now Saturday, and I have yet to see him, and its already 2:00 PM, I guess you'll have to hear my rant in place of him.


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