May 16, 2012

Eat Cake & Be Married

The Perfect Cake Topper
Found @
Shop Called cottonbirddesigns
Tuesday is a day of the week I have always... dreaded. A fellow co-worker once pointed out that Tuesday on the calendar spells out WTF (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) {for those of you who are like me, and didn't catch it immediately} & I could not agree more. Tuesdays make me feel like WTF (what the freak) its only Tuesday!

Now that the remedial babbling is out of the way about how much I despise Tuesdays, I have to say that this particular Tuesday was everything short of WTF! I didn't go into work on Monday (thank the Lanta!) because :insert sad face: I was taking my friend to the airport, so my week is 1 day short, & my weekend was 1 day longer! So Tuesday after work... me & my mister, we went :longgg dramatic pause: CAKE TASTING! Usually I do not like cake, & the lady at the cake shop responded "...but everyone loves cake!" And mentally after her comment I was like "I bet I won't like anything you give me, meanie!" However, my bestie (aka MISTER) knows me better than she does, and he responded, "...wait you want to go somewhere to taste multiple different kinds of cakeee? Oh happy DAY!" *slight exaggeration at the end there ; ]*

The cake tasting begun soon after this convo, & man oh man the cake was amazing! :INSERT SHOCK!: Even the raspberry was delic! {more shock} So within a matter of two bites I was sold on a chocolate cream with vanilla bean cake on the bottom tier, & raspberry and vanilla bean cake on the top. Mister was happy. Soon to be Misses was happy. Cake was crossed off the listed, and a few short hours after that, so was Tuesday!

                                                                                          Soon to be mrs. measom

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