May 17, 2012

The Best Place

 Yesterday was Wednesday, and usually I love Wednesdays. They are smack in the middle of the week, not to far from last weekend, and a lot closer to this weekend than Tuesday {smile}. However, yesterdays Wednesday, was not one of my best, BUT, it was certainly my Misters standout job day. :hip hip hooray!: {a real jewel he is that mister!}

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We had a little fight "discussion," one might call it, where someone {me of course} was slightly hormonal, & a little too sensitive. Anyways, long story short I was not happy, and we hung up the phone on a bad note. {That has never happened before with us, & it was not something I would like to experience again.} *Note to self- new rule for me & my future hubby, no hanging up the phone on a bad note, its just not CUTEEE!* Not too long after, my mister sure enough sent me a text explaining that he understood why I was upset, and apologized! He apologized! It melted my heart, threw me through a ring of fire, and sent chills down my spine :insert shocked face!:

Later looong after that {or not so looong after} I was still too sensitive and too hormonal for any man to understand, & we were right back to that awkward elephant that made us both feel squished, stuffy, and just plain yucky. {Thank you estrogen for making me such a tantrum throwing, whining fit toddler, once a month} :poor guy!: {who gets her way only because her mister is JUST THAT AWESOME, & not because she is pretty when she throws her tantrums, because I most certainly am not!} 

Anyways finally at the end of that longgg PMSING day, he calls me & tells me how grateful he is for me, {I mean seriously it doesn't get any better then that right there ladies!}, and after we hung up, I slept like a baby, partially because that day I had acted like one, and the other half because my mister, he just knows how to soothe me.

AMAZING MAN I LOVE YOU. {that could be a blog post all on its very own!}

over & out.
soon to be mrs. measom   

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