May 16, 2012

Est. 08.18

There is something that happens in moments of our lives were we cannot begin to comprehend what is really going on. We can't understand how "this" is happening or "why."Sometimes when things are even really great, we don't even have enough time to let it sink in and just warm us from the soul out. I have heard of the expression "let it sit a minute" but never understood it until now.

You see fellow bloggers, I am getting married, and this is one of those times. I need to really allow this wonderful time of my life to sink in, and enjoy every moment of it!

My whole life, I spent wondering what it would be like to meet my "prince charming."  I pondered the idea of who he would be, laying in bed at night and wondering where in the world he was? What language did he speak? What was his name? Where was he serving his mission, when I would calculate that he was exactly two years older then me. {I'm a planner ; ] }

Little did I know he would be three years older then me, and his name was Measom. I smiled typing that. I am going to use this blog as our family log, where maybe complete and total random strangers can relate to our sheer craziness, laughter, tears, love, and anger through our journeys. I am going to use this to let things "sit a while," vent a minute, and ponder. I think we all need a space where we can explode, share, and learn. Blogging has been that for me before, and I am a repeat offender, NO SERIOUSLY, two speeding tickets in one week, I'm a repeat offender, and this is our lives. = ) 

soon to be mrs.measom

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