Nov 3, 2023

Round Here

The second SJ (my 3rd baby & youngest) goes down for this nap it's like a mad dash to see how much I can get done in the little time he sleeps. 

When he is awake I try to give him my full attention while also doing things Mom has to accomplish. He helps me cook and clean, and we read and play. Though, he currently is not big into sitting and reading, we are working on slowly. I love reading with my kids, and want to make those sweet memories with him. 

We spend amazing quality time together, but it's tricky to do anything work related when he is awake, and those are usually office hours for everyone else. I am so use to having older kids and accomplishing more throughout the day. Having a baby again has been a huge transition, and honestly it's been a lot harder than I remember. It's like starting over, or having a baby for the first time, except I have two other kids that also need love, attention, quality time, and so much more. 

I don't know how Hannah from the Ballerina Farm does it. Bless her. I want to be more like her when I grow up, but who doesn't? She has 7 kids and counting, all while running an empire, and being a literal beauty queen. She's a freaking dream. You know you've made it when people are dressing up as you for Halloween. 

Everything is wildly expensive. I think about people struggling right now, and my heart breaks. I want so badly for inflation to be reversed, and for families to not have to struggle. It's always on my mind, and it always hurts my heart. If you're struggling financially, I see you. I'm so sorry, and I am praying for you, sweet friend.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and today I am thankful for this tiny space on the internet. I am thankful that I can come here and write. I can release all my thoughts and feelings, and feel so much better. I am thankful that you read this. I am thankful that you are here. Thank you for supporting me and my family. You don't know how much it means to me. Thank you, and check back for another post tomorrow.


Mrs. Measom

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