Oct 2, 2023

Not in a MuuMuu

You know you’ve been married a while when the appliances purchased off your registry start breaking. I made the comment to Mister that I was thankful, however, that it was only our appliances breaking and not our marriage. Our marital relationship is strong, our Kitchenaid not so much. RIP Kitchenaid.

Help me decide, do I replace it with a neutral one or a colorful one?

Mister got rear ended. The man who hit him won’t answer his insurance’s phone calls, and now we have to pay our deductible. Perfect. 

Why is it that when 1 bad thing happens, a bunch of other bad things seem to follow close behind?

I don’t know if it’s my nursing hormones or something else, but lately commercials and endings to books have me tearing up. My emotional responses shock me. I am officially a crier. 

My current favorite Spotify station is called “Coastal Grandmother.” Feels right.

I am needle pointing, baking homemade treats, and dancing to classics. I’ll admit I might be in my grandma era, but don’t worry I’m not in a muumuu. I’m in my skinny jeans! 

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