Mar 24, 2023

I felt like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail

Today was a day of adulting and passion. Weird mix, but I'll take it. 

The mister took his car to get inspected. While he did that, I took SJ for a walk around the lake. I listened to a podcast, and chatted it up with my sweet babe. He doesn't talk yet (obviously), but that sweet baby babble he does is the most precious thing I've ever heard.

After the inspection, we met up for BBQ. I love me some brisket, slaw, and Dr. Pepper. 

While we ate, the mister said, "Thanks for helping me out so I could get the car inspected. Now, I won't get pulled over next week." We had a good laugh about it, and then he said, "You've never looked more beautiful." I smiled back at him. SJ was on my lap, and the mister was looking at me with so much love in his eyes. This is the stuff I dreamed of.  I felt like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. We've got the kind of love you'd see in a 90's chick flick, and I am grateful for it.

It gives me butterflies in my stomach, and I think to myself, "Almost 11 years married and I am still madly in love with my guy."

Happy Friday! 

Cheers, sis!

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