Mar 23, 2023

A Sister God Knew You Needed

Since becoming a mom I have learned the value of mom friends. There is something powerful about having a friend who gets what you're going through. They have all the mom tips and tricks, and can give you the advice you never knew you always needed.

Motherhood can be lonely and isolating. It truly does take a village. I am reminded of this every time I have a baby because having a baby is lovely and wonderful, but it is also so dang hard. Find your people and treasure them, sis.

Today, a friend dropped by and brought me a Starbucks. We chatted about our lives and laughed about The Real Housewives. She gets me, and I am so dang grateful for her. 

I can open up about my struggles and she shares hers. I know that when she says, "You can do this," she's saying it because she believes in me, and also because she went through something similar. 

It helps knowing someone else understands just how hard raising babies can be. She's been through the sleepless nights, teething, helping kids overcome their struggles, and she can be a voice of reason when I need it most. 

It's a gift to have a friend who I can sit with while I nurse SJ. She's like family, and God knew what He was doing when He has us meet.

When you find a friend that you can connect with on such a deep level, cherish them. Make them feel validated, seen, heard, supported, and loved because those kinds of friendships are one in million. They're worth their weight in gold. It's like the sister God knew you needed.

Cheers, sis!

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