Aug 18, 2022

Fall Decor

Fall Decor Tips & Tricks

If I’m looking for trendier home decor items I go to Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and DIY some items (thanks Pinterest). However, if I am looking for decor that will always fit the style of our home there are my go to stores like Mackenzie-Childs + Pottery Barn. 

Mackenzie-Childs has the black and white check items you see scattered sporadically throughout our home. It’s chic yet classic. Pottery Barn has a more cozy timeless vibe that goes great in any home because their items are typically neutral and the quality is unmatched.

Here are some steps to take before decorating a space for a holiday or season-

  1. Pull out all the decor you already have and can reuse.
  2. Decide what your budget is or what you would like to add to your decoration collection.
  3. Decide the theme or look you are going for. I usually find inspiration on Pinterest, and create a mood board of items I have + what I will be adding to see how they look together.
  4. Start decorating!
    Note- If you are on a tight budget Pinterest is also a great place to find DIY seasonal decoration tips and tricks! Honestly, I almost prefer this method of adding decor to my collection. It allows me to customize the look and theme of my space.

Happy decorating, y’all!

photos by- madi morrison

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