Jul 18, 2022

Robots and School Supplies


Trying to keep the kids entertained all day can be hard, especially during the summer. We limit screen time to Fridays, which means that I am their main source of entertainment. It’s great most of the time, until I’m in my third trimester. Then it’s not so fun and I’m wiped (sorry kids). 

On those exhausted days, when dinner rolls around I am just done. I turn on some music while I cook, and tell the kids that they need to entertain themselves. 

The other day when I was cooking, I looked over and found the kids drawing robots and rainbows together. Just like that, I felt revitalized again. It was the perfect reminder that these are the moments I live for, and I should never wish them away. 

Time with my kids at home is fleeting, and I need to soak up every bit of it while I can.
I was grateful that we keep a container of markers out to encourage their creativity, because seeing them color so well together melted me. 

As you can imagine, we go through a lot of coloring supplies, and with school around the corner this mama has to stock up. Walmart has the school gear my kids are excited about at the prices I’m excited for. 

Y’all know I am very budget-aware, and like to save where I can. Their favorite crayons are 50 cents at Walmart, and their favorite markers are just $2.47. It’s a win for the both of us. 
So, now I can stock up on all they’ll need for school without worrying about breaking the bank. It feels great to get them things they love without going over budget. 

Adulting is funny, y’all! Never thought I would be a budget enthusiast, but here we are!

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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