Jul 14, 2022

Maternity Summer Wardrobe Essentials


Tips and Tricks

Shoes- When shopping for shoes during my pregnancies, I always look for things I can slip on without having to bend over. I love me a good flat and slip-ons become my best friend. It’s also always a good idea to get something versatile and comfy.

Pajamas- Being comfortable during pregnancy gets harder as it progresses. To help you stay semi comfortable, a soft light fabric with a stretchy elastic band that grows with you, and a collar that makes you feel like a regal momma-to-be is a must. I found that being in sweats all day cuts productivity out of my day. So, retire those sweats, and replace them with a cute pair of matching top and bottom PJ's.

Pants- Pants that have a higher waistband, especially those found in maternity pants, help eliminate the visibility of rolls and or muffin top.

Dresses- Finding the right dress type for you during pregnancy depends on what you are comfortable with. I feel most comfortable in a tighter dress paired with a long cardigan. The tighter dress emphasizes my petite frame and growing bump, while the cardigan hides widening hips. Some women, on the other hand prefer shift dresses, or things that offer a flowier fit. Regardless of your body type, be sure and pick up one dress you can wear for things like church, a nice dinner date, or even a quick throw on and go outfit. The last one is my favorite use of a dress during pregnancy.

Tops- Be sure and find tops you can use during nursing and postpartum. Things like button ups, or with a looser collar will be your best friend / breastfeeding friend.

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