Oct 22, 2021

Starbucks People Watching

a lady just walked into starbucks with a mug in her hand. she sips it while waiting for her mobile order. #doublefisting #momlife

what is wrong with me? why am i looking at puppies for christmas? i'm still cleaning vinnie's hair off the floor. have i lost it?! it must have been that super cute french bulldog outside the starbucks window that got me. curse you adorably cute little puppy with your precious face!

there is a dad with his daughters here. he says to them, "damn! y'all cost me 40 bucks this morning. plus starbucks. that's almost a 100 freakin' bucks!" to which one daughter responded, "sorry." the other one didn't even flinch. they carry over their tray of drinks and breakfast items, and one says, "yuck, i don't even like this." the dad turns completely red-faced, and responds, "you better eat it or you're paying me for it." is this the future that awaits me when my kids are teens? i'm still going to be telling them to eat their food? what a life. it never ends does it?

i wonder what people who are people watching me are thinking right now...?

happy friday, y'all! we freaking made it!

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