Oct 25, 2021

Sleepless Nights

i remember the days of sleepless nights because my babies wanted to nurse through a growth spurt. now, there are sleepless nights because my kids have bad dreams. that happened last night, and it inspired this post. 

i know eventually, there will be long nights when my teenagers are out driving on their own. sleepless nights must be a mark of motherhood. Like stretch marks, under eye bags are yet another visual characteristic of a mom.

there truly are seasons to motherhood, and each one helps prepare you for the next. though, i never feel fully prepared. i do know if i go into them with love and faith, it will turn out.

if i'm being totally honest the older my kids get, the older i get, and  in turn the more tired i am. i wish there was a little more pep in my step most days. thankfully, my kids give me grace, and it helps me do the same for them. 

in a lot of ways they're making me better. i learned that the moment i held my son for the first time. when i saw him i knew what selfless love was, and i've been learning more about that everyday since.

you've got this mama. keep going.

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