Jun 22, 2021

Round here + Walmart Home

DC is my little shadow. He has always been my bestie, but lately he "just wants to talk." He talks to me for hours and there's never enough time in the day for all the talking he wants to do. I smile writing this because I never want to forget it, and I never want it to end. At night, he asks me to "come cuddle!" Even though we spent forever reading his favorite book, talking, and playing, he wants me around and that is a treasure. 

Aida is super into gymnastics! She loves flipping on the bars and doing balance beams. Watching her do her thing is amazing. She is so laser focused, until she is blowing kisses and sticking her tongue out at me mid balance beam. That's her sign that she loves me being there and having 1000% of her mama's attention, and I will gladly take it! 

Her teacher told everyone to watch her because she was nailing practice today. 

She is the sweetest little thing. Aida Mae loves Jesus and her mama. 

I sure am a lucky lady that I get to call them mine. 

Summer is in full swing here in Texas.

The sun is bright, the nights are cool, and the pool is the only way to survive. 

We're doing a few home projects and some landscaping. Don't ask me why we waited for the hottest time of year to work outside... I don't have an answer for you. Even typing this I am asking myself "whyyyy did we do this again?"

To help us cool down we are making all our own citrus juices thanks to Walmart. Our kitchen smells so refreshing and crisp like a juice bar in Cali! Gives me all the San Diego vibes!

I found this juicer at our local Walmart, and have been using it ever since. I also found these glasses, napkins, and popsicle mold there. I went in for hotdog buns y'all #whoops! Oh, and did I mention that I found a pink ice cream maker too? My husband loved this one. He loves him some ice cream. 

Honestly, he just likes anything homemade. So, thanks Walmart Home! I got to stock up on summer must-haves, and my husband's belly gets full of yummy treats! Win, win! 

In my defense all these Walmart goodies are perfect for a summer picnic. Lemonade? Check. Cloth napkins to wipe the ketchup from the hotdog off your face? Check. Homemade popsicles and ice cream? Check! 

Now, back to the hot hot sun. There is some landscaping to be done! 

Thank you for supporting our sponsors, and thank you to Walmart for working with us on this post!

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