Oct 1, 2020

Sh! Don't Tell Mom

my mother-in-law made this wreath for me for my birthday. i will treasure it forever.
my girlfriend told me she got a little spiritual nudge to drop this off on my doorstep. she dropped it off on one of the hard kind of days. i felt so blessed to have her as a friend, and felt so loved by Him.

i cleaned all day. did anyone notice? nope, not a stinking soul said, "wow mom (or wife) this place looks awesome." what even is the point? guys, i broke into a legit sweat i was cleaning so darn hard. i could get away with letting things go around here for at least a month. should we bet on it?

i had a good thought, and then i forgot it. happens all the time. mom brain.

so, pimples. do you pop them or leave them? i always feel like i should leave them, but then i think, "i can't walk around with that thing on my face (that's hardly noticeable)." and then, i try to pop it and end up with a giant scab that is wayyy worse than the original bump. dang. it got me again.

i use to wear lipstick. i should do that again.

i use to wear eyeliner. i should do that again too. meh. too lazy.

i love blonde hair, but going blonde makes me have no hair so...maybe i should stop that soon.

i swear by vitamins. vitamins posts coming soon because guys they are game freakin' changers.

confession time? i don't separate laundry by color. im too lazy. i haven't run into any problems yet, but what does get me is putting things into the dryer that shouldn't be in there. the dryer is the real turd at our house. 

i have lost one too many nice things to that darn dryer. goes in normal size, and comes out like it was made for peter freakin' rabbit. oh look, a newborn sized cashmere sweater. insert ugly cry face here. sh, don't tell my mom.

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