Sep 30, 2020

harry potter, carrie bradshaw, and soufflés

aida loves pretending in the mirror that she is either a yoga instructor or a chef on food network. it is the absolute cutest. 

today, she did a harry potter yoga session. in closing she said, "and remember that then ron throws up slugs. c-ya later, and see you back for your second harry potter yoga tomorrow. namaste."

dc powered through the last six chapters of the 4th harry potter book. he's such a strong reader. when he finished the book (he had the proudest darn grin on his face), he said, "mom, i'm going to miss cedric diggory." bless him.

tonight, i had a girl's night out. we had chocolate soufflés. they did not disappoint. we talked about the current happenings in the world, marriage, family, and other things not pg in nature. 

it was a wednesday full of harry potter, carrie bradshaw like chit-chatting, and soufflés. counts as a win in my book.

hump day, you ain't so bad after all.

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