May 25, 2020

round here

this week-

i can't stop watching barefoot contessa. love her. she just seems so confident in the kitchen, and all while being as classy and chic as audrey hepburn.

dc cracked a joke the other day. it went a little something like this-
"daddy stinks so bad!"-me because i had accidentally packed the deodorant before he could get to it.
it's important to note i was sitting in the front passenger seat, and the kids were loaded in the back.
"i'm glad i'm the one sitting in the back!"-dc

it's every man for himself when there is a stench round these parts.

aida mae has really grown these last few months. she goes out of her way to do things that make her family members happy. when her brother's ipad is about to die, she would yank the charger from her own ipad and offer it up to him. in this day and age, that's true love peeps.

so blessed to call this brood my own.


mrs. measom

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