Apr 5, 2020

Quarantine Weekend One Month In

DC told me just before bed and mid Mommy cuddle, "Momma, you are so beautiful."

Aida came up to me just after a Sunday nap with her lips in a puffy pout, "Momma, where's my Coke?" She means my Coke, that she steals.

DC noticed a group of people congregating on a lawn and declared in a very loud voice, "That's how you get Corona!" I mean, he isn't wrong.

There were s'mores, hot dish, homemade cinnamon rolls, and cupcakes to be had this weekend. #Quarantine15 is gonna be real 'round here.

We had our first ever family Zoom today. Glad quarantine could create such a wonderful new way of family gathering, especially when all our family lives states away.

We have also developed a new method of cleaning up after dinner (when the kids have gone down).
We dance and sing like a newlywed couple while putting away leftovers. I wash dishes with soapy bubble filled water, laughing as he recounts our day while drying and putting dishes away.

It's like a secret workplace romance. As we wait until the boss is out of sight to flirt and sneak in kisses. In this case the "boss" is Aida, and we don't want HR (DC) to catch wind.

Another new tradition is that on Sundays we have a fancy dinner with our best china. The kids set the table, the whole nine. Aida loves it the most. Every Sunday she just stares at the set table and says, "This is so fancy, Momma. Look at how pretty it is, Momma!"

Vinnie loves quarantine life too. We are always home, and someone is always giving him love.

Quarantine, you've showed us what really matters.

Also, we are about two tantrums away from ordering this huge inflatable bounce house. It's happening. Just wait.

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