Mar 31, 2020

round here. quarantine style.

my husband can sing. i love to hear his voice. there are these wonderful moments when he catches me listening to him and he smiles at me. it gives me the freaking butterflies.

until... he realizes i've been wearing the same outfit for way longer than socially acceptable. then, i just pretend he can't see me.

my kids are magical. they are funny, and kind, and i am so grateful i get to call them mine.

they love to help around the house. i have found that they like to feel productive too. they thrive on productivity. they must be my kids!

aida said to me the other day after i put makeup on (again after a long break), "mommy, did you put makeup on? you look beautiful! i like your eye lashes!" i didn't realize the power of mascara until that moment.

dc told me, "people who have the corona virus shouldn't be going out." right you are, son.

if you are struggling with the kids being home from school, i highly suggest making both your kids and yourself a schedule to follow daily. it truly does help us around here. the kids love checking off each activity they complete. the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree folks.

i love this no bra, no makeup, sweatpants all day everyday, husband is always home life. it kinda feels like a dream. how did i get so lucky to get quarantined with such an amazing bunch?

trying to see the light in what could feel like the darkness.

we've got this ladies!

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