Jan 31, 2020

Dear, Me. Stay-at-home-mom

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Dear Me,

Sometimes, motherhood is lonely. Sometimes, you will sit in a play place, and you'll watch your kids having the time of their lives with kids they just met. Life for them is simple and beautiful. You work hard to make it that way for them.

They'll form instant friendships. They will play for hours, laughing and chatting up a storm.

You'll watch them, and you'll be proud. They are loving, kind, social, and play incredibly well with others. They are yours and they are wonderful.

Then, you'll realize that you are sitting alone. You have no one to talk or vent to, and you might feel empty.

You're there to support these tiny humans you love so much. You give them all of you all day long.

You might feel alone, but you're not. You see, there are angels surrounding you and those sweet children of yours. Those angels are cheering you on. They are proud of you.

The work that you are doing is wonderful, though sometimes it might feel small and insignificant. You are neither of those things.

You might not be a doctor, or have a master's degree, or even make a penny for the work you do as a stay-at-home mom, but what you do is worth more than any job that pays.

You are someone's mom. That is priceless, and so are you.

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