May 7, 2019

WTF Tuesday

dress // shoes // tee

Aida has started popping her hip and putting her hand on her side when she is giving sass. It's both the cutest thing I've ever seen, but also I'm scared of what's to come in those teenage years I hear so much about.

Aida is my best girlfriend. I love it.

DC had a little bit of a moment today, and when he calmed down he recognized his feelings. Then, he walked over to Aida and explained why he did what he did, and how it made him feel. I hope he holds on to that trait always. Also, I wish I had that! You go, boy!

My husband let me sleep in and he even cut that watermelon I had sitting on the counter. I could kiss that man a million times for those two kind deeds. Something, that many would have overlooked, or felt entitled to. I however just felt so grateful. Two mundane acts that made my day that much brighter. You dreamboat you.

I also thought today was Wednesday. WTF Tuesday, you little sneak!

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