May 9, 2019


Aida was watching a movie. Of course, there was a bad guy (there's always a bad guy). So, I see her watching him super intently, and then she looks at DC and says, "Hey! He needs a timeout!"

I love that girl. It made my day. We all started laughing.

Lately, I've been noticing the little things that my kids say that are such day makers, and I wonder what life will be like when they're grown?

I need to make sure I am being intentional, both in my wife life and in my motherhood. #BePresentMisses

Marriage tidbit (I texted this to someone recently because we got to talking about relationships)-

"my husband is my best friend. i can tell him anything. i am constantly asking him, 'how are you? what can i do for you?' that’s been the best thing we’ve done for our relationship. we're just constantly trying to get to know one another. we have both changed so much since we first got married. it’s the constant honest conversation that keeps us on track."

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