Apr 8, 2019

I had big plans for today

I had plans to wake up before the kids and get a workout in. Then, we all got these awful colds. No one got any sleep, and waking up before the kids sounded like torture.

I had plans to pick up groceries right at 8AM, but the only time left for pick up was after 3PM. Cool. So, in traffic we will sit. On a freeway that has nearly every exit ramp closed.

I had plans to order some new bedding, but I simply cannot decide what type to order.

I wanted to tidy the house in it's entirety, but instead, somehow got stuck cleaning every toy basket in the whole dang house. You know, that super deep time consuming spring kinda clean. Of course, I ended up doing an invisible task. One, that makes no immediate difference to the messy state of our house, and one that will probably be to waste the second my kids take note that I've correctly organized each bin. Blocks with the blocks. Babydoll toys with the babydoll toys. Legos... well legos just about anywhere else except the dang floor!

Oh motherhood, this is what you've made of me? Why couldn't you have given me a superhero power like cleaning everything in a flash, or at least remembering things... wait there are some parts of motherhood best forgotten. Like, when you're giving birth...

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