Apr 11, 2019

a 20-somethings' dream vs. a 5-years-olds' dream

Picture's caption- The saying goes, “don’t air your dirty laundry ” We have to have messes to be grateful for the clean. Similarly, we have to face trials or sorrow to know joy. Life isn’t about happily ever after, it’s about making each day happy

My son told me about his dream this morning. He came out of his room, his smile so big you could see the smile shining through his eyes. He said, "Mom, I had a dream that you and Dad made Chinese food. I tried it, and... I liked it! It was so cool, Mom. I tried it and it was good!"

Well...imagine that son!

Funny, because I also remembered my dream! I legit dreamt I was in an all black tinted Mercedes. I sped to pick up my son from school. That was it. My whole dream. Dream big, folks. Dream big.

I only what could our subconscious' are trying telling us? That we need to make Chinese food and buy a pimped out Mercedes? I'll take it!

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