Mar 27, 2019

morning routine

lately, i've been waking up before everyone. 5-something is a wee bit early, but it's the only time I can sneak out without waking up everyone and that includes vinnie. i go to the gym. i listen to a podcast. sometimes, i get real fancy and get a starbucks. it has been such a good thing for me to do. i get a little me time in. then, i walk in the door and there are three people and a dog who all need and want different things from me, and instead of feeling overwhelmed, i feel ready. i am ready to start filling each of their cups with some mommy / wife loving because i have filled up my own glass.

so, if you're on the fence about waking up early, i truly encourage you to try it out for a week. not a day. not two. a whole week, and i bet you'll see a difference. we gotta fill up our cups before we can fill up others, and in my case, that means i can't stay up past 11 anymore. that's also been a good thing for me!

early to bed, early to rise. momma's got work to do! we started from the bottom now we here (added by the mister).

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